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Prevent harassment in the cultural sector


For a harassment-free cultural sector!

In the wake of allegations of inappropriate behaviour in Quebec’s cultural sector, several groups have joined forces to develop tools in order to create a harassment-free workplace.

Our sector is distinct. The variety of professions and workplaces makes it difficult to understand what may constitute harassment.

What constitutes harassment in our sector? How can we recognize it? Whose responsibility is it to stop harassment? What prevention methods should be used? Are we required to report it? As a worker, what is our role in prevention?

This online training course answers these questions and many more.

The goal of this three-part training course is to help people understand and recognize harassment in order to prevent, better manage and ultimately help eliminate harassment by laying a common foundation.

Part 1: Understanding Harassment in Culture

  • Define the impact of harassment

  • Understand the specific characteristics of the cultural sector’s work environment

Part 2: Recognizing Harassment

  • Distinguish between what harassment is and isn’t

  • Recognize harassment in a work environment

Part 3: Preventing Harassment

  • Define employers’ and workers’ obligations

  • Explain the concept of consent

  • Identify risk factors

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