Why get certified?

This certification is intended for anyone working in the cultural sector in Quebec, whether salaried, contract or self-employed, trainee or student (paid or unpaid), volunteer or board member. It serves as a sort of final exam and allows you to obtain a certificate confirming that you successfully completed the online training Stop Harassment – End of Story! This certification meets the needs of the cultural sector to prevent psychological harassment and may also be useful as part of your job search.

Some important information before accessing the certification:

  • We strongly recommend that you read all the content on the Stop Harassment – End of Story! platform before accessing the certification module.
  • Once you create an account, you have seven days to complete the certification process. The certification module is divided into two sections of about 20 minutes each.
  • You can quit the process at any time. Your progress is automatically saved. You can resume within the seven allowed days directly via this link: unefoisdetrop.ca/certification
  • The cost of certification is $15. Accepted payment method is credit card.

Create your account and access the certification module.